Weekly Horoscopes October 2018

Weekly Horoscopes October 2018


Last week rattled Wall St. The experts didn't see it coming. Time to revive the Ezra Solomon quote that, “The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable.” Solomon actually was a Distinguished Professor of Finance, teaching at Stanford. Who didn't place a lot of faith in his colleagues.

But perhaps it's not not quite as good as the Forbes magazine headline that if, “God Invented Economists To Make Astrologers Look Good - So Why Do Economists Get All The Nobel Prizes?” Shucks...no nomination again...but last week's wild fluctuations were forecast a month back, in the September 16 weekly article specifically devoted to money and the markets.

In fact the date of October 10 was mentioned as the one to watch due to the curious hard aspects of a debilitated and retrograde Venus in Scorpio (a sign she doesn't perform as well in economically) squaring Mars in Aquarius, coupled with a simultaneous face off, of mercantile Mercury with technological Uranus.

Last Wednesday the 10th, right on planetary time, the Dow shed 836 points, in its largest fall in eight months. The bleeding continued the next day shedding another 546. It pulled back slightly Friday, posting its worst week since March. For starters, I want to revisit markets and planets beginning with some classic historical examples and charts.


Another world – another time. It's late spring 1873 and the World Expo is taking place in the capital of the Austria-Hungarian Empire. Twenty-six thousand exhibits from around the world. East met West in an exhibition of art, science and culture spread across a 233 hectare parkland in central Vienna.

The main Great Rotunda, designed by Scottish engineers, would attract over seven million visitors. It could have had many more, but for an unexpected reversal. On May 9, the Vienna Stock Exchange crashed, leading to multiple booking cancellations. And the ramifications that would echo right across the globe.

n September 18 1873, a leading US financial firm, Jay Cooke and Company, folded, preceding a string of further bank failures. The resulting panic closed the New York Stock Exchange for ten days from September 20. Within two months fifty five railroad companies had disappeared off the business registry.

It was the start of the Long Depression, the worst recession the US had experienced, extending over sixty five months and sending over eighteen thousand businesses into bankruptcy. It was through studying this crisis – and its planetary significance - that convinced me a similar recession would occur in 2008 and the time frames would be strangely similar.

On September 18 2008, the US Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson and the Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Benanke, were busy devising a $700 million bailout plan for US financial institutions in the wake of the Lehman Bros collapse three days prior. It was the day that Bernanke allegedly advised, "If we don't do this, we may not have an economy on Monday." What are the signals of recession?


The 1870's Long Recession had a major effect of the economies of Europe, Great Britain and the USA. It occurred during a time of triple expansion known as the Second Industrial Revolution. That featured the proliferation of railroads, steam shipping (opening of the Suez Canal) and the spread of the international telegraph network.

When such technical advances propel economies, trade and speculation boom. There is a frenzied rush to be in on the action. And while he who hesitates is lost seems to be the prevailing maxim, avarice becomes infectious and indeed is the dominant culture of unregulated capitalism.

The biggest global meltdown after the 1870's was the Great Depression of the 1930's. It too came on the back of technological change during a decade of growing economic inequality and extravagance celebrated as the Roaring Twenties.

Mass media communication, commercial radio networks, talking movies and the birth of international air travel led into the Great Depression. Investment fever was at a peak with the bubble just waiting to burst. Again the outer planetary formations would correlate with the crucial market moves.

Contracting Saturn was due to move into a testing square with unstable Uranus in the first quarter of 1930. Optimistic Jupiter would also oppose restrictive Saturn by the middle of the year, while also squaring Uranus.

By the middle of 1931, Pluto would join Jupiter in opposition to Saturn. All would be in square to Uranus. Plus Uranus and Pluto would be in a tight hard aspect pattern with Neptune. Getting dizzy? All of the outer planets so aligned, synchronised with the worst economic meltdown of the 20th century. It also correlated with massive social reformation.

The Great Depression and its shrinking of international trade, breakdown of treaties and increased nationalistic fervour delivered the perfect conditions for World War Two. Coming barely twenty years after the First World War, collective intelligence was not part of the equation. Uncertainty and populist leaders, guaranteed it wouldn't be.


The 21st century began with a dotcom bubble bursting and a further market jolt with the cataclysm of 911. A world of uncertainty devolved, with accompanying political and religious polarisation ushering the rise of the strong-arm populists trying to turn back time.

The technology of the Internet was revolutionising business, banking, vocations and social networking, much the same way that railroads, telegraphs and electricity did to the 19th century. Or that mass media, movies, celebrity culture, credit cards and commercialisation did for the last one.

Dotcom bubbles aside the last meltdown of September 2008 came on the back of purely unscrupulous banking practises, predatory lending and mass irresponsibility, that to this day places national economies in deep debt. Planetary positioning revealed the coming financial storm. I'd written about it in my 2008 World Forecast and nominated the appropriate dates. This is why.


September was outstanding for several reasons, not the least a Full Moon with erratic Uranus on the 15th, the very day that Lehman Bros declared bankruptcy and the financial world went into meltdown. It had come from a First Quarter Moon squaring Saturn on the 7th and was leading into a three-quarter Moon tightly opposing Pluto by the 22nd. The Full Moon became the torchlight revelation, casting light on previous cover-ups.

However, it was the succession of Sun/Moon aspects from Saturn to Uranus and then to Pluto and all tightly aligned, that was the tale of the tape. There was more in the bigger picture. Something had to give. The North Node was moving through the low of its business cycle in Aquarius. Saturn and Uranus were about to perfect their opposition. And the bubble was showing signs of deflating.

Some additional considerations. It's important to look at dates approximately six months removed, as lunations to slow moving outer planets work to a pattern. On March 16 2008, Bear Sterns, under mountainous debt, merged with JP Morgan Chase. Shares going for $93 a month earlier were offered at $2.

The fall of a Madison Avenue financial icon, employing 15,000 people, gave ominous signals. The New Moon of March 7 2008 was conjunct Uranus and every planet on that day was hard angled to another. The Dow also dropped 7% the same week. Six months later, the Full Moon with Uranus pin pointed September as the crucial month to watch. It certainly delivered.


Uranus is the shock planet, prominent at sudden reversals. Even the market crash of October 1929 occurred during a lunation cycle that began with a New Moon on Uranus. Factoring in the other outer planets reveals the longer term trend.

That's what makes this current lunation cycle interesting to say the least. Incidentally, we do not have a plethora of outer planets in difficult angles on the immediate horizon. That's not to say we're not going to have a bumpy ride though. The rodeo has begun.

The current lunation cycle began with New Moon of October 9, which was square Pluto, inconjunct Neptune and quindecile Uranus. That's the difficult technical aspects, meaning that we're bound to see abrupt reversals and surprises during the lunation's thirty day period.

The quindecile is an aspect of sudden shocks, similar to the planet attached, Uranus. The unexpected nature is reinforced as the November New Moon, by natural process, also forms another quindecile (or 165 degree) alignment to Uranus. 

This in itself is not overly common but we did see a similar quindecile pattern with the New Moons and Uranus in October 2016. There were plenty of political shocks back then starting with Trump's embarrassing Access Hollywood tape expose and ending with Comey's reopening the email controversy dogging Hillary Clinton.
So expect surprising revelations this time around.


One of the reasons I wrote on the markets back in September, was not only the Lehman anniversary angle, but Donald Trump attributing the Dow's bull run purely to his own economic expertise and threatening a recession if he were impeached. They were fear tactics and bull is the operative word.

Trump himself knows that. Although he has hitched his wagon to Wall St and the rise of the Dow, tweeting sixty times on its rise in his first year, the silence is deafening and it's the Fed's fault when it nosedives and he decouples.

It was Trump who said, “The New York Stock Exchange happens to be the biggest casino in the world. The only thing that makes it different from the average casino is that the players dress in blue pinstripe suits and carry leather briefcases.”

In the Art Of The Deal he wrote, “The broker pushes a button on a computer and, presto, he’s got a huge commission. As soon as the stock market falls out – which it will, because it too runs in cycles – most of these guys will be out on the street looking for work.”

Yes, the Donald knows his nineteen year business highs and lows, for they impact property pricing. The same cycles were detected in the economist John Dewey's work, “Cycles – The Science of Prediction.” Or neatly encapsulated in Louis McWhirters 1938 classic, “Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting”. Both are fine starter manuals.


A careful study of the government presiding over all of the major market crashes will reveal another reliable and repetitive pattern. Yes it was Republicans for the Long Recession of 1873, Republicans for the Great Depression of 1930, Republicans for the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.

Not a bad trifecta of mismanagement there! In fact you can throw in the banking collapse of 1907 as well or the October crash of 1987...but hey let's not get political. That could simply be a 'deregulated' coincidence of irrational exuberance.

The winner of the November 2016 election was bound to catch the high, just as the winner of the 2008 election was bound to land the low, as the cycles run. But we're facing far bigger issues now. Climate change and fossil fuels have now factored into economic futures. It's not all about winning.

The planet is more important than market fluctuations. And wild weather is eating up insurance premiums and national emergency funds. It's a challenge to capitalist thinking - that human existence doesn't forever revolve around an economic rationalisation policy. Energy powers the economy but newer, ecologically more feasible sources, desperately need development.

Again, we stand at the threshold of technical change. In the intermediate picture, planetwise, we are in the waning cyclic stages of both Jupiter and Saturn (law and order) both to themselves and their fellow outers. It's a time of shedding past patterns and old ways of governance and societal structures.

The coming conjunctions of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in administrative Capricorn by 2020 is setting a new platform that we can all be part of constructing. This hasn't happened in Capricorn since the days of the Reformation. Already we can see the revolution around religious attitudes, ethics and ideologies. More on that later. As for the immediate days. 

Well there's still the upcoming Full Moon with 'jack in the box' Uranus arriving October 24. The bigger patterns are yet to play out but it seems that the longest bull run seems to be gradually losing its buck. And what makes that even more certain. The government economists are already denying it.

Aries or Aries Rising weekly horoscope: The potential for gain through through association, be it business partnerships, striking a better deal (or even bargain sales) is elevated across this week, as transactional Mercury meets values planet Venus. The conjunction of the 16th, takes place in the area of your chart associated with other people's values and possessions. It's where legacies may flow your way or you gain through access to other's resources. A good time for sales, loan applications and financial negotiations. New partnerships may move to the next level through shared values or pooling possessions. 

Taurus or Taurus Rising weekly horoscope: Your ruling planet Venus has been opposing your sign since entering Scorpio back on the 9th of September. Close connections become increasingly important. And it may also be taking you away from your familiar haunts and situations to different places or circumstances. There may be a pattern involved with this. Look back at 2002 or 2010, when Venus repeated its current cycle, for further clues. You may be reviewing partnerships and associations, paying closer attention to the interplay of association. It can also be a time when old friends reappear, if not physically, then certainly in your thoughts. A reorientation of relationships and the period around the 16th can be important for birthdays on, or near, May 9. 

Gemini or Gemini Rising weekly horoscope: The inner planets of Mercury and Venus now play an important role. This impacts on the routine and habitual areas of your life and even has health repercussions. The current Venus retro motion is showing you better way of doing things. Work isn't always a labour of love, but ideally it needs to be moving in that direction for you to produce your best results. Sometimes by reorganising the way we do it we change the whole experience. The same transits are obviously significant for excelling at your 'labour of love'. Around the 16th can be a high point. 

Cancer or Cancer Rising weekly horoscope: Pleasure planet Venus is empowering the creative, romantic and entertainment areas of your solar chart throughout October. It's retro motion from the 6th onward, until just past mid-November may have your returning to an old love and/or recreation, and is especially relevant for the artistically inclined. This can be the time to finish what you have started or return to your masterpiece. The union of mindful Mercury with Venus around the 16th delivers added inspiration and can accompany an important offer or invitation. This period is especially fortunate for birthdays on, or near, July 8.

Leo or Leo Rising weekly horoscope: Venus, the planet of aesthetics and beauty, is spending extra time in your domestic zone. Now's the time for going through what you want to keep and discarding, or donating, the rest. Mindful Mercury also entered your home zone from the 10th. The domestic focus is perfect for rearranging your living space, spending some extra family time, or negotiating property deals. The right time for getting your house in order. If you've already done that, it's time to appreciate the results of your labours. Mercantile Mercury is your money ruler joins Venus midweek. This is where you can plan effective budgets, explore the opportunity of a home business if so inclined, or examine ways of becoming more self sufficient. 

Virgo or Virgo Rising weekly horoscope: Gathering valuable information for future plans and projects is essential at this point. Your ruling planet, Mercury, has just entered your information zone and joins congenial Venus by the 16th. All of this suits someone gathering facts and figures or making initial enquiries and weighing up decisions as they do. Answers may be more accessible around the 16th. Anything associated with mental pursuits, studies and communication is receiving a boost. It may be a prelude to new studies or interests and changing your mind and/or bringing yourself up to speed on something. As there is an accent on resources or security across the early part of October the two can be inter-related. 

Libra or Libra Rising weekly horoscope: Venus, your ruling planet has been heading retrograde through the heavens from the 6th and will do so until mid-November. It can be a metaphor of a person heading back to retrieve their lost wallet or buried treasure? It is a reminder that life hardly travels in just one direction. What we lose on the slippery dip we pick up on merry-go-round. If you're starting over again here, take heart in the fact that any material loss will be more than counteracted by the spiritual gain. Venus is actually backtracking through your house of values. And changing values means shifting life's priorities. Possessions should never be a prison, for 'you' put the price on your life. Wherever things are out of kilter between spirit and matter, now is the time to re calibrate the scales. 

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising weekly horoscope: It pays to look at your personal history, specifically this time of year back in 2010 or even 2002. Venus, the planet of attraction and aesthetics is repeating a pattern attached to those times. Now in your sign, the planet of self-esteem and values, can be signaling an image makeover. This week it unites with Mercury, the thinker. Birthdays on, or by, the 16th can be receiving welcome relationship or financial news. The other important birthday, where your sense style and relationships are concerned, is around October 27. For those so born, 2018/19 can be a landmark time in the aforementioned areas.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising weekly horoscope: The union of Mercury (your partnership ruler) with congenial Venus – exact by the 16th - takes place in the house of the hidden. The suggestion here is that partnership and privacy go hand in hand, especially around the middle of the month. Kind of two's company three's a crowd feel, as this one has a much more clandestine nature about it. It's also where the beauty of giving outweighs the joys of receiving and the calls on your charitable nature can be greater. Otherwise you may enjoy more tranquil surrounds and moments, far removed from the madding crowd. 

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising weekly horoscope: Looking back across the years you may realise that important status changes or career moves seem to occur around October and affect the last quarter of the year. If you can relate to that pattern, then its time to prepare for those contingencies and be pro-active in taking control of the possible developments. The more you get on top of this before it happens, and remain ahead of the game, the smoother your progress becomes. 
A big factor this year is the retrograde action of Venus, carrying through until mid-November. This is affecting your group associates, your in-crowd and perhaps some special friendships here. There is a re-arrangement taking place. You may receive some special help from associates here and the benefits of these attachments will be seen in hindsight, if not already. Can also be former associates returning or revisiting the past. 

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising weekly horoscope: Overseas connections or people from different backgrounds and/or cultures can be opening your eyes to new possibilities. Part of this can be connected to the midweek union of Mercury and Venus, exact on the 16th. The simple meaning of the aspect is 'sweet talk', 'words of love' or 'benefits through business'. When it occurs in your house of public engagements and career, it is really putting it out there. Is it where your potential of reward for effort is enhanced, in terms of recognition, personal acceptance and hopefully a better paycheck. You'll only find out by being in the act and this is as good time as any to audition. Some professional kudos is due.

Pisces or Pisces Rising weekly horoscope: The conjunction of loving Venus, with mindful Mercury, exact on the 16th, is occurring in a positive angle to your own sign. This can act as a real confidence builder, where you're taking on some new challenges or venturing beyond the familiar. In fact it is encouraging you to do just that. If you're planning a holiday around the mid-month period, it can be an enjoyable getaway, pleasure cruise or great escape. Even a return to a favourite haunt works well here. On the logic that a change is as good as a holiday, breaking the routine (the core meaning) becomes a rewarding relief.

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